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Web Development

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Instructor: Suryaprakash Tiwari

Category: Application Development


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About this course

Learn What It Takes to Code Dynamic, Professional Websites and Web Apps From The Comfort of Your Own Home Do you ever browse the internet wondering how your favorite websites were built? Facebook, Twitter, Amazon-they were all created by people who at one point in time didn't know anything about coding. How did they obtain this knowledge? In this comprehensive course, I'm going to show you everything you need to know so that you can follow in these people's footsteps.


Module 1: Client Side Programming 100% (35 Hours)

  • Web Components
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML practicals
  • HTML5 Tags
  • Core Java Script
  • Advanced Java Script
  • JQuery(Library)
  • CSS 3 and animation

Module 2: Server Side Programming using PHP (40 Hours)

  • PHP basics
  • PHP functions
  • PHP.Config file
  • PHP Operators, Array and Loops
  • PHP Array Functions
  • Session using PHP
  • Database
  • AJAX programming



There are no skill prerequisites for this course although it's helpful if you are familiar with operating your computer and using the internet. You can take this course using a Mac, PC or Linux machine.

Course Details

  • Course Type Full-time
  • Course Location Mira Road, Mumbai
  • Fee Offered 15000
  • Starting Salary Offered 20000
  • Minimum Eligibility 8+
  • Employment Opportunities Google, Facebook, Amazon, NASA etc


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