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The Beginning of t'Cube

Principle of the institute aware the humble beginning of t'Cube Tutorials in May 2012 with collaboration of S.S. Coaching Classes in Mira Bhayandar(Mumbai) for BSc & Engineering Students for Career Course and University Subjects.
Student like us and Recommend friends to us because of the following reasons :

  • Extra attention and proper care is given to individual students which help students to score distinction in their college subjects.
  • Students are able to explore new learning style.
  • Student can get more clearly and deeply explanation from teachers.
  • It help students build confidence and hence speed up their learning process.
  • It may encourage student to have a group study among peer group and perform a good team work.

Process & Achievement

  • As a teacher, you form a learning environment for your students. We conduct many random discussion sessions with parents for the better understanding of the students. Such sessions not only break the monotony of the class but also emerge as a happy break for the students.

  • Projects are a great way of improving the average performance of the class. It is a fun way of learning new things. You can assign different projects based on the course content. This would help students understand things in much deeper and better way.
  • In every class , There are always some students who need more attention and help. You can organize extra classes for the poor performing students. You can know where they exactly lack and where they need extra work.
  • Our these all the studies work well and The bright performances of t'Cube Tutorials students year after year have been the driving force behind its success. The commitment of the teachers to draw the best out of weak students has also been an important factor contributing to the trust the institute enjoys among the parents.
  • The level of Confidence of the Students and Happiness of the Parents Helped and Incourage us Expand the Platform for more students and Teacher, Tutors so we can help more number of Students to achieve their career goal and get better opportunities in Life.

Boards in t'Cube

As winning the Hearts of parents and students we Integrated two more dollop in t'Cube Tutorials.

  • Matriculation Examination { SSC, CBSE, ICSE }
  • Intermediate Examination { Science Stream with/without Bifocal (Computer Science) }

We love teaching at the same time Students love to learn from us. Now we utilized our all the strength just to make sure the Delivery and Quality. Because the level of Attention, Timing required in this four years of educational career, it will changes entire direction of students life style.

So we kept motivating them and working with them with all possible ways and we got return love and Support from students and Their parents.

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Private Tutors

Not every student is comfortable sitting in the class of many students and study. Some students find it extremely difficult to raise a query in the class which results in unattended doubts.

Private tutoring is far more effective method of learning for most of the students, it gives more space and confidence to grow at your own pace. People at large have also started recognising the importance and role private tuitions can play in transforming a child’s life. But again, the major problem for tutors remain to find students and for students to find the best suited tutor according to their preferences. Here comes the role of our offering offline private tutoring.

Steps are very Simple :

  • One needs to enquire about the tutors available and then choose the one catering most of their requirements.
  • Schedule Date for Demo. { Note : We already have curated tutors and took demo so just need students comfortability. }
  • Tutor will get notifcation via mail for the same.
  • If the location is serviceable for Tutor. Than he will confirm us and We notify students/Parent for the same.

With Great online tool which will help Tutor, Students and Students parent to track the lectures and Chapters of each and Every day.

Student Parent Tutor

Educational Forum and SaaS

Developed a Platform which help tutors to get students and Student to get highly rated Tutors easily.
The key purpose of this software are as below :

  • Fees Management { For Institute/Tutor and Parents Login }
  • Everything on Cloud { Access Anywhere, Anytime }
  • Quiz Portal { Having more than 10k+ Question Bank }
  • Biometric Attendance { Headquarter and Franchisies only }
  • Insightful Reports { Attendance, Online/Offline Exam }

Register Now for any of the below role :

Student Parent Institute

Our Team


We are a group of ardent individuals having a vision of personalizing learning for every students.

Sanaullah Khan

Sanaullah Khan

Frontend Engineer

"Good design is obvious & Great is transparent."
I'M A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY DESIGNER who is always learning and seeking to improve. Multi-disciplinary allows me to plan like an engineer, create like an artist and think like a customer.

Shani Tiwari

Shani Tiwari

Backend Engineer

"Coding is much more than Writing"
A BRAND IS ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL as its implementation; great products should not be defined by design alone, but also by functionality and great user experience.

Raviprakash Tiwari

Raviprakash Tiwari

Product Manager

"Teaching is his Passion"
By Profession is Chemical Engineer from Mumbai University. His Clientele are Achievers Academy, α Aditya , t'Cube Tutorials, t'Cube Classroom Coaching and Nitya Academy etc.

Sneha Tiwari

Sneha Tiwari

Strategy & Operation

"Teach Children to LOVE Leraning"
She has more than 3 Years of Experience in Private Coaching classes. She is the one of the Best Faculty in Semi-English Medium in Abhinav Vidya-Mandir (Bhayandar)

Suryaprakash Tiwari

Suryaprakash Tiwari

Teachnical Expert

"Having 7+ Years of teaching experience."
Taught almost 1000+ students in more than 20+ Coaching Institutes and 2 Engineering Colleges. Trained almost 50 Teachers in various Colleges and Coaching Institues.


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