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Where teachers can command big bucks
Where teachers can command big bucks

2019-04-26 03:34:51 |   By logo |   0 Comment

The UAE has launched a drive to hire nearly 3,000 Indian teachers for its government schools, The National reports. The Gulf state is offering significantly higher salaries of Dh16,000 (nearly ₹3 lakh) per month, almost 10 times of what teachers normally make in India. But the recruitment agency is finding it challenging to convince potential jobseekers that the fat, tax-free pay packets are indeed authentic. The lucrative salaries – much higher than the Dh4,000-12,500 that Emirati schools are known to pay – are aimed at attracting competent teachers to enhance education standards in government schools.

The idea of the Day: It’s OK to talk about yourself at work, but make sure you listen to others as well, says author Julie Zhuo.

“You have to believe that other people’s stories are as interesting and important as your own, and that talking about yourself is a way to find common ground with another person."