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Mysql Database

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Instructor: Suryaprakash Tiwari

Category: Database Courses


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About this course

MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack. This course covers the fundamentals of MySQL, including how to install MySQL as well as write basic data retrieval and data modification queries.


Module 1: Basics of Database (10 Hours)

  • Architecture of MySQL
  • Database ACID properties
  • Installation and Configuring MySQL
  • Features of DBMS

Module 2: Database Design (10 Hours)

  • Database Table andConstraints
  • ACID and Transactions
  • Deadlocks, Isolation Levels and Logging
  • Designing and Normalization

Module 3: Security and Users (10 Hours)

  • Creating users and granting privileges
  • User Backup
  • Security practices and changing password

Module 4:Performance (10 Hours)

  • Performance problems
  • Performance monitoring
  • Impact of Indexing on Database performance
  • Performance Optimization

Module 5: MySQL Basics (10 Hours)

  • Database creation
  • Database manipulation -Add, Edit, Retrieve and Delete
  • Table creation
  • Table manipulation -Add, Edit, Retrieve and Delete

Module 6: Advanced SQL (10 Hours)

  • Building and Updating VIEWs
  • SQL Select Statements
  • Using Joins to combine Related Table
  • Insert, Update and Delete commands
  • Sub queries



it is being assumed that you are already aware about what a database is, especially an RDBMS and what is a computer programming language.

Course Details

  • Course Type Full-time
  • Course Location Mira Road, Mumbai
  • Fee Offered 15000
  • Starting Salary Offered 20000
  • Minimum Eligibility 12+
  • Employment Opportunities Oracle, Micrasoft facebook etc


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